Friday, November 5, 2010

The Goldeneye remake

The verdict is in. After a long session with the brand new highly anticipated Goldeneye remake, I can safely say..

 That the original is still more fun to play today. The game has clearly had effort put into it, but it still comes across as shabbily put together, the borrowing from CoD is shameless, the Wiimote controls are your standard FPS affair; retarded, and the music is just damn generic.

Sorry Eurocom, but you failed in delivering the killer Goldeneye successor, and it's all down to it being on the Wii. When will devs learn, the Wii is not for realistic FPS'? Or any FPS.

Twilight Princess. Mario Galaxy. Mario Galaxy 2. Monster Hunter. Resident Evil Archives. Wiiware (World Of Goo, Lost Winds). Virtual Console (Ocarina Of Time, Majoras Mask, Super Mario 64). Homebrew Channel (NES, SNES, GBA, SEGA emulation)

These are the things that the Wii nails down. Goldeneye? Incom-fucking-patible.

Give this generic FPS a miss. Even with a gamepad controller it was so awkward you couldn't just take out guards like in the original. You had to stand there aiming down the sight like an autistic kitten who has yet to open their eyes.

3 for the effort put into some sort of cinematic gameplay and 3 for Craig and Dench doing VO's.

-4 for being shit. 

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